Be Aware And Know The Differences Between Dui And Dwi


It is very common and known – Drunk Driving. But what are DUI and DWI that are often heard in case of drunk driving in several US states? People often get confused as they couldn’t make the difference between DUI and DWI.

Here we will talk about these two acronyms hope the readers will understand what is the difference between DUI and DWI.


Both the terms DUI and DWI relates with the illegal driving act in a messed up condition due to alcohol and/or drug consumption. But the main difference between DUI and DWI lays in the full form the acronyms. DUI stands for Driving Under Influence, while DWI stands for Driving While Intoxicated. Though these two often seem the same to many people and in some US states even, but actually categorize them as a separate criminal offense in other US states.

Legal Differences between DUI and DWI

There are several states in the USA that have their state jurisdiction that classifies the DUI and DWI them individually. There are a few little-known facts–

  • A DUI situation denotes a smaller amount of intoxicated condition considering DWI and it charges a lower penalty for a driver driving drunk.
  • The level of intoxication is decided by the driver’s BAC test or Blood Alcohol Concentration just after arresting the driver.
  • In some cases, the state may give the approval to appeal negotiate of reducing a severe accusation of DWI to DUI.
  • In case, the driver’s BAC is not extremely over the state’s legal drinking limit or if it is the driver’s first offense, DWI charge can be reduced to DUI. But it completely depends on the state’s internal law and order.


Zero Tolerance in Legal Drinking Limit 

To know what is the legal drinking limit of their state one can visit the state’s law and order website link. In the U.S. there are a few such states which have zero tolerance policy considering the legal drinking limit.

In these states, there is actually no difference between DUI and DWI. The rules in zero tolerance states command any BAC that is over the legal limit is an offense.

On the other hand, states which use the both terms DUI and DWI can precisely classify whether the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The term DUI or Driving under Influence is used when the driver is particularly under the drug impairment.


What to do to avoid legal offense?

What is the legal drinking limit– People often forget while partying hard. And it can cause them face serious legal situations. But how they can avoid such situation and can reach home safely? Here comes the designated driver program introduced in several US states. It suggests the car owners appoint a driver when moving after alcohol consumption.

A Designated Driver is a person who –

  1. i) drinks only non-alcoholic drinks; and
  2. ii) offer safer and formal drive to home for groups and companies

So, being a little proactive can help avoid serious legal situations. Drink Safe, Drive Safe.

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